Airwheel Q5 segway scooter | Electric unicycle

Airwheel Q5 Portable transport

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Product details

AirWheel Q5 Electric Dual Wheel Unicycle

• Runs for up to one hour (approximately 11-15 miles) of a full charge
• Fully recharges in just 1.5 hours
• Maximum Speed of 12mph
• Suitable for children 14 years of age and above
• Weight restriction between 50kg – 100kg
• Powered by a rechargeable 170 watt lithium ion battery

How do you ride the Q5?
Travel in style with the colourful AirWheel Q5 electronic powered unicycle. With its maximum speed of 12mph, intuitive turning and motion control, just lean into the direction you want or lean forwards to speed up or backwards to slow down. The dual 14 inch wheel design of the Q series gives additional stability and the automatic limiters stop you speeding downhill while the red running light LEDs make you more visible at night. With its built-in handle and weight of just 11.5kg the Q5 is easily portable indoors. 

How do I charge the Q5?
Keep going for up to one hour or 11-15 miles of a full charge then plug into the mains with the supplied charger for an hour and a half to be fully charged and raring to go again. With a 170 watt battery the Q5 can carry loads of between 50 and 100 kg.