AirWheel X8 electric segway

Airwheel X8 Portable transport

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Maximum Speed: 12mph

Range/ Distance: 10-14 miles (May vary with rider’s weight, terrain and temp)
Battery: 170Wh Lithium (Protection board with SOC equalization)
Charge Time: 2 hours
Unit Weight: 11.5kg
Motor: 800w
Load: 120Kg
Waterproof: YES
Portable: YES
Certificate: CE, IP56, RoHS, MSDS and UN38.3

The Airwheel X8 has upgraded CPU and motor, allowing quicker acceleration / stopping controls making this unit more powerful than the Airwheel X3, the X5 and the X6. The custom carbon fibre design gives this wheel a unique and outstanding look.

Portable –

AirWheel X8  slef-balancing unicycle was designed to be lightweight and convenient. You can bring it into offices, classrooms, restaurants, buses and subway trains. The built-in carrying handle makes it convenient to quickly pick up the Airwheel when you get to a flight of stairs. With the foot pedals folded up, it takes up no more space than a briefcase when you stow it in your car or home.

Environmentally friendly –

Just like electric bike.Use the AirWheel  self -balancing electric unicycle to replace a car for short distances. This reduces petrol costs, pollution, and traffic. Riders with short commutes can travel to work or school on the Airwheel, charge the unit in the office or classroom, and then ride back home.

Hands free –

The Airwheel electric unicycle provides a convenient hands-free experience. Because you operate the AirWheel entirely by shifting your body weight and adjusting the angle of your feet and lower legs, you have both hands free to carry anything you need. Carry a cup of  coffee, pull a rolling suitcase and even open doors, just put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm.

Safety Measures

Incline Protection
Speed limit protection: Turned on at 10mph, front part of pedal will rise to prevent further acceleration
Low Battery: Activated on 15% power battery.

Included Accessories .

Charger, Stabilisers, Training band, Extended pump nozzle.

Package content:

1x User Manual
1x  UK Charger
1x AirWheel
1x Auxiliary Belt
1x Stabilisers

The light weight Airwheel X8 is the future of transportation. By simple movements to control the device, travel is made fun and convenient. Lean forward to go forward and lean back to slow down or stop. Turning is also controlled by leaning side to side. It is as simple as that!.