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Below is a specification and price list for each AirWheel. Each wheel has been tested to match the specifications below. Each unit is CE, IP56, RoHS, MSDS and UN38.3 certified and has been tested for our customers peace of mind. PURCHASE AN AIRWHEEL

Don’t let the wheel’s compact design fool you. The machines are packed full of incredible specifications. Each unit has inbuilt safety precautions to allow a smooth ride every time. If the user jumps off the unit, the wheel automatically cuts the power and will continually beep to let you know the gyro is no longer in action. Also, the AirWheel units are waterproof for use in the rain and are optimised for riders seeking a cutting edge transportation method. The units are quite literally like nothing else available. Welcome to the Future. When the unit has 10% battery left, the unit will continually beep to indicate the battery is low and for you to dismount. The unit will never cut out, even if you do not hear the beep. The unit will then gently lean back so the user safely steps off. Like an eco car, The AirWheel will put power back in the unit, when going down hill or slowing. The 4 LED battery lights on top of the unit, are to measure the amount of battery left. 4 LED LIGHTS – FULL 3 LED LIGHTS –  75% 2 LED LIGHTS – HALF 1 LED LIGHT –  25%

Riding the wheel

The Q3 is our most popular model. The twin wheels limit users falling left or right, even when in a stationary position! The Q3 makes it easy to go backwards too, on average users can comfortably ride the Q3 in 20 minutes. Riding the X series (X3, X5, X8) is very similar to a push bike. When stationary, you will fall left or right, once you lean forward, balancing is easy. AirWheel units are by no means age restricted, we have customers ageing from 5 years-78 years old! We pride ourself on customer satisfaction, so please do contact us for any questions you have. We have 100% learning success rate. Most users will learn the Air Wheel X series within a day. AirWheel units are being used worldwide to aid mobility restrictions. Please contact us for more information on how AirWheel could benefit you.

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Why Us

We are the Exclusive Trademark holder of AirWheel, beware there are many counterfeit AIRWHEEL units on Amazon and Ebay and other independent websites. AirWheel units can be tried and purchased in Harrods- London. The units can be found on the 3rd floor in the technology department.

The AirWheel have the original inventor working on our side. Providing the latest and most efficient technology on the market. The AirWheel provide some of the most comprehensive and extensive range of single and multi wheel units, each offering an incredible specification. You won’t find this anywhere else. We hold certificates and patents, with many more developments in the pipeline, keeping AirWheel the most exciting and popular product of it’s kind. Please do be wary of fakes/ counterfeit sellers as we cannot be held responsible for unfit products purchased from Amazon, eBay etc… Parts on the AirWheel are easily replaced, directly from our shop. So if you do go hard with your unit and need a new case, pedal, battery, tyre, tube or charger, we will replace it. We provide each unit with a full warranty as standard.


We provide free stabilisers with every X3 | X5 | X8 This allows the user to ride instantly, it also allows younger users to ride safely. Please be aware, other unicycle dealers do not provide these basic safety accessories.

free airwheel

Waterproof | Safety

AirWheel are the only self balancing products to be fully compliant with UK laws. Each unit is CE, RoHS, MSDS and UN38.3 certified and IP56 certified waterproof. Being able to cope in the rain is incredibly important especially in the UK!. The unit has built in features to keep the user safe. If the unit falls over, the power will safely disengage. The device will not cut out upon a low battery. It will gradually lean back till the user safely steps off.

Save the planet

Not only is AirWheel fun, it saves the planet! The super fast charge, gives users multiple miles, being a great replacement for cars, motorbikes and other fuel dependent machines. Join the future and lets keep our planet clean. The foldable device can easily be carried around and stowed away in a small compartment. We need your support to make a difference, every little helps. Share our page, give us a like or contact for more information.

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