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About our Company

Welcome to the exclusive AirWheel distributor. AirWheel is the only legal unit of its kind. Providing our customers with complete peace of mind. We thrive on customer support and quality products. We offer eMail, telephone and in person service to cater for a 24/7 level of support. We provide full Warranty with all products and if you do have any questions about us or the AirWheel, please do contact us.

This incredible single / solo wheel electric unit quite literally revolutionizes the personal transportation market. The self-balancing unicycle – AirWheel is already being dubbed as this year’s “must have gadget”

The AirWheel is the ultimate gadget for all. Whether you want it for fun, practicality or both, we have commuters using their AirWheel through the city on their way to work. Students cruising their way to class, and even provide support for mobility and disabled users.

The AirWheel unit operates very similarly to a SegWay. They are extremely fast charging and the battery makes these units extremely eco friendly and efficient in going across pavements, off road and even up hill.
We provide an extremely fast delivery service, orders to the US and International orders may take an extra day or two delivery – specific location dependent.

Fantastic Products

We believe in providing only the best. With a speed of up to 12 miles per hour, and ranging  28 miles distance achievable on a single battery charge. The AirWheel range is hard to fault. We have multiple models available to suit any user. The devices are designed to be eco friendly, the units self charge when going down hill or slowing. AirWheel are always working on ways to be greener and keep our  planet clean. Email us for more details.

We have compared the AirWheel up against all the competitors in the market, and The AirWheel stands above all for quality, capability and durability against price.

Top Quality

Durability is one of the key selling points to the AirWheel. The casing is extremely robust offering the toughest products on the market. Each device is waterproof, making AirWheel the most durable electric unicycle to date. customers can rest assured that AirWheel only provide high quality products with longevity in mind. These units will handle incredibly tough terrains. Call or email us for more information. We have multiple YouTube videos to show the capability of AirWheels.  AirWheel YouTube

Unrivalled Service

AirWheel offer a 24hr phone line available for any enquiries. Providing immediate dispatch and super fast, reliable delivery with all products. Full Warranty and peace of mind with all products. Our team is on hand to ensure you feel 100% happy and content with your purchase. BUY AIRWHEEL

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Airwheel is the personal transportation for tomorrows world, join the Revolution!