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Hands free transportation

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Ride AirWheel over all terrains

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Welcome to the Future.

AirWheel are evolving the world of transportation. Our products will change the way you travel & interact with the world around you. Electronic boards, bikes and unicycles.



Airwheel’s self-balancing units were designed to be lightweight and convenient.

Environmentally Friendly

Fast charging | latest eco tech | 40 miles achievable..

Hands Free

The Airwheel electronic units provides a convenient hands-free experience. 

The X series from £438

Our X series consist of singled wheeled devices, they take around half a day to master.


The S and A series from £1499

Our S series feature a huge specification, two wheels and only take 10 minutes to master.


The Q series from £649

Our Q series consist of twin wheeled devices, they take around 20 minutes to master.

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The AirWheel apparel from £19.99

The stylish and branded AirWheel T- Shirt’s will complete any look.

Available in Small, medium and large

AirWheel_Tee_Paint AirWheel_Tee_Sketch

X5-1 600 X 600

Unrivalled Service

AirWheel offer phone support to answer all your questions. Providing immediate dispatch and super fast delivery with all products. Each unit comes with a 1 year warranty. Our wheels come straight from the official AirWheel factory, letting us offer the cheapest and strongest genuine AirWheels on the market.

Fantastic Products

We believe in providing only the best. With a speed of up to 12 miles per hour, and ranging an average of 40 miles distance achievable on a single battery charge. The AirWheel range is hard to fault.

Top Quality

Durability is one of the key selling points to the AirWheel. The casing is extremely robust offering the toughest products on the market, customers can rest assured that AirWheel ltd only provide high quality products with longevity in mind.

Airwheel Shop.

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